Merryhill Completes Large-Scale Asbestos Removal in Slough

Merryhill have just concluded a large-scale asbestos removal project in Slough. Having begun on site in April, the project consisted of the complete removal of all asbestos materials from 7 separate buildings.

The multiple occupant site was being prepared prior to demolition and the area redeveloped.

Working for a tier 1 main contractor, Merryhill have removed the following asbestos types from all of the buildings:

In addition to the asbestos, to facilitate the works, Merryhill also carried out a lot of soft-stripping to build our enclosures.

This included the removal of multiple layers of non-asbestos flooring, false ceilings, kitchen and bathroom fitted furniture and other decorative items such as ceiling baffles and ambient lighting.

Decontamination Service

Merryhill offer a wide-ranging service including hazardous waste removal and deep cleaning. One of the buildings contained animal waste and 7 separate areas required completely decontaminating. This work was able to be carried out by our teams and meant the client did not have to appoint another specialist contractor.

Slough Decontamination

All waste was removed and the areas washed out with disinfectant prior to being surveyed.

Despite the additional work, the overall project timescale was not affected.

Additional Asbestos Found

Whilst carrying out the asbestos removals in 1 of the buildings a hidden duct system was discovered.

One section of the duct had been identified in the original survey but was thought to only be in one room. The duct system which contained multiple redundant heating pipes had an AIB soffit liner. The liner had been used when the original concrete floor slab had been poured.

Slough Asbestos Duct

As a result of finding the additional ducts, Merryhill worked closely with the appointed analyst / surveyors to identify the extent of the duct system and carry out the necessary removal works.

In total, over 100 metres of duct were uncovered. Because the shuttering was below the concrete slab, care had to be taken when removing the AIB so as to minimise disturbance.

Once the liner had been removed, Merryhill then removed all debris from within the duct which was around 2 feet deep in some sections and carry out a complete decontamination.